Friday, January 21, 2011

Hot Chocolate and Hooters!

Doesn't that sound exciting? Well, our friend, Monteen, will be coming to Blue Ridge next weekend just to show off her hooters! Monteen is a licensed raptor rehabber and she will be coming to our local coffee shop with 3 of her best friends. Sam will be having a little birthday party since he will be turning 21!!

She will also be there with Scully and Nigel.

Aren't they beautiful??

If you need something fun to do next weekend to get out of Atlanta - take a ride up here to Blue Ridge and visit the owls and do a little shopping. We have some great restaurants around town and you can even get a beer or a glass of wine in them now - woo hoo!!!

Monteen will be at the L&L Beanery Coffee Shop (right across the street from the train depot) on Saturday January 29th from 12-3. We'll be there and we would love to see some of you! Donations are happily accepted.

If you can't make it - Monteen always appreciates a little "mouse money" to help keep her wonderful operation going. Knit Witch donated money to her last year and we'll be making another donation next Saturday. Please send her a few bucks if you can spare it. It is very expensive to take care of all of her critters and we want her to be able to stay around and help these beautiful birds! There aren't very many raptor rehabbers in the state of Georgia - we need her! All donations are tax deductible. Go to Hawk Talk for more information.


Turtle said...

they are gorgeous!

Honey Merlin said...

Oh, my gosh, beautiful...