Monday, November 1, 2010


There are new bowls on the website! I know, that was a long time coming. Luckily, we had some to put up there. Wayne is working on more but it will be a few weeks. The latest update is to get you all started for the holiday season! Also, there is new yarn at Only Ewe and Cotton Too that we dropped off yesterday.

We are off to the orthopedist this morning. Wayne's Achilles tendon is still bothering him so we are going to go get it checked out this morning. We'll see what they say. This is not a good thing for Mr. Active. He does NOT like being injured and it tends to make him a bit grumpy. I can't really say that I blame him though - I would probably be the same way.

BTW - did you know that Morticia Addams was a knitter?? There was an Addams Family marathon on last night and I caught a few minutes of one of the episodes. That just so happened to be the few minutes that she was knitting! Now, if that does not make knitting cool then I just don't know what does.

Happy November everyone! What did you dress as for Halloween yesterday??


Turtle said...

nice bowls, like the drippy splat pattened one. A quiet halloween here... football and a bit of knitting/reading, less than 20 treaters showed, but then it was a sunday night. lol at morticia!

jomamma said...

I remember seeing Morticia knit... I think she knitted with spider webs instead of yarn.

The bowls look great I love the lumpy bumpy one, if only it was in purples and greens.

Jain said...

Best wishes with the tendon!

Morticia with sweater: