Friday, November 26, 2010


I know, it's still a little early to talk about December BUT - we have lots going on!!! My son turns 21 on December 1st!! Woo hoooo - that means I am officially DONE being a parent, right? No? A few more years? Well, ok.......................sheesh. :)

My mom turns 65 on December 4th! So, she is very excited to have Medicare start helping her with some bills!

On December 20th Wayne and I are embarking on a trip to Tampa for a few days. The trip has sort of morphed from our original plans, for the better! My son and his girlfriend have decided to join us so I am REALLY excited about this (even though my son will no longer be our official designated driver by that point). AND we decided to take the first two days of our trip to go hang out at Universal Studios in Orlando. I have been to the one in California, but I haven't been to the one in Orlando - so - what do we have to see while we are there???

I have heard that the new Harry Potter exhibit is pretty cool so I guess we will be in line early Tuesday morning for that one! What else is a must see?

On another note - did you see that Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced their wedding date? April 29th!! That's mine and Wayne's anniversary! Excellent choice! :) I told Wayne we have to move to England now because April 29th has been deemed a national holiday!!


Turtle said...

have fun! we hit the orlando universal about 2 weeks before the HP opened but we did get to go on their fire and ice roller coaster numerous times (believe it or not mothers day is not crowded there, loL!)

Diane Bogino said...

Are you supposed to broadcast your mother's age all over America????

I've earned every minute of it!

I guess I AM getting old, especially since I deleted all my Youtube videos for GBDN by accident! So I'll be in front of the computer for MY birthday. : ( Where will you be Mr. Grandson? Having more fun than THAT I hope! : )

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Well you have a pretty young looking Mom. She's not really 65. You lied, right? Heck I'll be 62 in January and plan to retire early. Tired of trying find a new job. Maybe I can get hired part-time tho. Or I'll just be happy teaching crochet 3 days each month. Hope you had a really really nice Thanksgiving Vacation!