Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Did anyone hear about the huge debacle on 575 near Canton last Thursday afternoon? The highway was completely shut down for more than an hour! We arrived right after the accident happened and JUST as the emergency workers shut down the highway. The bad news is that we were sitting on 575 for more than an hour and the good news is that we were right up front so we at least had something interesting to watch. Another plus was that when they finally did open the highway, we were the first ones through. I imagine that it took the people that were like 15 miles back HOURS to get through all of that traffic. Luckily (and amazingly) no one was hurt.

There were actually several more pluses - If we had left the house like 10 minutes earlier, we could have been the ones involved in the accident. If we had left the house 10 minutes later we would have been stuck much further back wondering what was going on. Also, Wayne and I were together. Even though we were driving separately, I was right behind him so we ended up stuck there together. That would have kinda sucked if one of us had sailed on through only to keep calling the other to see if they were through yet! We did have Nessie and Petey in the car but they were pretty patient all things considered.

When we first stopped I turned off the car and walked up to the accident scene, told them I was a nurse practitioner and offered assistance. Since the EMTs were standing around doing absolutely nothing, I was fairly certain that my assistance was not needed. So, Wayne and I just hung out on the highway and wandered around talking to people. At least the weather was nice!

Another plus was that, like a good blogger, I had my camera! Here's a few shots from the excitement.

This is what it looked like in front of us.

This is what it looked like behind us.

Here are Petey and Nessie patiently awaiting getting home.

Here is Wayne enjoying the sights on 575.

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