Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yeah, ummmmm - hi. Remember me? Seriously, I had all good intentions of blogging on Monday but it just never seemed to happen. I do have a few pictures from SAFF for you - HOWEVER - the pictures are on my computer in Blue Ridge and I am in Atlanta! So - no pictures for you today.

We had a REALLY fun time at SAFF even though it was exhausting. We didn't have nearly enough stuff to fill up our usual space this time so it was really great that the Fleury's shared a space with us. That definitely made it more fun too!
I should have taken way more pictures. I didn't take ANY pictures in the sales arena! I know, bad blogger. We had a good time and it is always great to see our friends that we only get to see once or twice a year.
We will be going to Stitiches South but we won't really have a booth. Kate (of Dragonfly Fibers) is going to take over our booth space and sell our bowls. AND of course, we will have the famous Scalini's dinner again which we always look forward to! We'll start the signups for that in January.
I'll get some pictures posted for everyone tomorrow. Wayne and I are looking forward to our upcoming weekend of doing NOTHING for a change!! We haven't had a weekend without plans in months it seems so - YAY!!
PS - Why does blogger take out my spaces between paragraphs sometimes?? This is annoying.......

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Jane said...

It was great seeing you at SAFF. I told Wayne we should get together for dinner when you both, as well as my husband, are in town. Believe it or not, there are still a few restaurants in Decatur we haven't tried.