Monday, September 6, 2010


What a busy week we had last week! Crazy!!!! On Monday, Wayne went to the apartment complex we had picked out to put a deposit on the apartment that we wanted that would be ready on October 20th. When he got there, another person started doing all the paperwork than the woman that we had originally started working with there. He said to Wayne "Well, ok but do you just want the apartment that we have like this one that is available right now?". Wayne was like.....uhhhhh.......sure! So I get a text message in class saying that Wayne got an apartment and that we would move in the next day!!!!

Soooooooooooooo......................back to Atlanta to pack up some stuff and drive back the next day to move in. We didn't bbring much - it certainly isn't the lap of luxury but it will at least get us started until we can start getting some "real" furniture. It sure is nice to have our own place to keep our pets and such while we are down there. We wanted something with zero maintenance so an apartment was a good choice for us.

The apartment is directly across the street from the VA, which is super convenient for Mr. Man, and we are walking distance from all kinds of restaurants and stuff. AND we are walking distance from the Emory/CHOA shuttle that goes to the hospitals and to Emory so SCORE! That will be nice if we ever need it, especially since parking at the Children's hospital is a complete nightmare (well, not quite as much of a nightmare as parking at the VA so score on both points!).

Here are some pictures of our little humble abode. It will be really convenient to have a place in Atlanta - woo hoo!!!! This isn't fancy but keep in mind that we did all of this in ONE DAY! You should have seen this place before we got rid of all the boxes. We pretty much had to buy everything for the kitchen and bathroom (silverware, dishes, pots & pans, etc) so Nessie was having a grand time playing in all of those boxes!!!

I have finished all my training for the new job and I officially start with students on Wednesday. I actually have no idea if my new hire paperwork is all finished and I still haven't been able to go and get my Emory badge. Come Wednesday, I sure hope I am officially an employee!!!


Peacecat said...

Your apartment is lovely. Best wishes with your new job. What an exciting time for you!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

You're apartment looks cute! Good luck with the new job!! :D

Turtle said...

sweet! Have fun with the new adventure. We picked up our second home as well, a vintage 1966 15 foot Aloha travel trailer, to go on the river property for weekends! Already planning on bringing my spinning wheel down there. The apt looks great!

Hockey Mom said...

Yay! Welcome back to hotlanta! Heh.

We gotta do dinner soon when you get into a routine and can relax for a bit!

Kate said...

evelizinGlad to get an update on all of ya'll's crazy doings. Nice apartment:) Now, to build a chicken coop in the parking lot?:)

Unknown said...

OMG! The VA? We have to go there every couple of months for hubby. We moved up here from Fl about 6 months ago and just love north Ga. Was looking forward to seeing you in Blue Ridge area during fall festivals, have been lurking for over a year now. Now I might see you running around N. Decatur? Too cool. Great job so fast on the apt!