Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Road Trip!

Wayne and I took an impromptu trip to Hiawassee the other night. We went to the "Yacht Club" for dinner. If you have ever been to the Yacht Club in Little Five Points - this place is similar though not quite so "bikerish"! :)

I wish we would have brought Petey because he would have had a great time with this girl!

The Yacht Club is on Lake Chatuge. Lake Chatuge is looking MUCH better than Lake Blue Ridge right now. They are taking LBR down like 67 feet to do some repair work on the dam. So, right now you can't hardly even get to the water!

On the way back we went the scenic route through Hayesville and Murphy, NC.

I thought this was humorous - Ummmmm.......wouldn't 88% be the new record?

I thought this was entertaining as well......."Hey paw! Don't forget the lawnmower when we go on vacation!"


lettinglifeunfold said...

The last two pictures you posted are hilarious! I especially love your commentary about taking the lawn mower on vacation :D

Gnat said...

hahah! :) Who takes their lawnmower with them? Abby would love to play in the water too!

shamrox said...

That wasn't a lawnmower....that is a southern scooter.

Turtle said...

cute pics, um.... i need a murphyville sign for hubbys manbar!