Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life in the country

I would like to introduce you to Blue Ridge's most famous residents. This is Ralph and Patricia.

Ralph's previous lady friend was unfortunately run over. So, some kind residents promptly went to the feed store to get Ralph a new chick. He loves her! They mainly live in front of the Blue Ridge Brewery but you can see them other places around town.

Here is another one of our residents that we got a picture of the other morning in our yard.

And what blog these days wouldn't be complete without a new picture of Nessie? She has hit the 7 week mark which I think means terrible twos! She is so full of energy and she is just hilarious to watch. The other cats are much more tolerant of her these days and Petey just loves her. Here she is with her big brothers and sister. This is the only way to get her to hold still.

Here is Nessie all curled up with her big sister.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Only one comment could possibly be appropriate:


moevans said...

Awww, SQUEEEEE! So cute!

Hockey Mom said...

This kitteh is too mosh. Too, too mosh.