Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yay Spring!!

I love this time of year because of all the babies! The geese came and visited us again a few days ago (I really don't know where they are hanging out this year because we aren't seeing much of them). They started off with 6 babies but now they are down to 5 unfortunately. The five that are left are doing great though! They grow so darn fast! We heard a pack of coyotes howling last night REALLY close to the house - closer than I have ever heard them before. So, they may have something to do with a missing chick. We were on high alert for our chickens. Luckily - we have some safeguards in place for them.

During the Arts in the Park Festival that I told you about yesterday, Wayne took one of his kilts to our good friend Pat who (along with his wife, Polina) own the Blue Ridge Brewery. Wayne thought that the kilt would be a perfect fit - and he was right! Check out these two Blue Ridgers in kilts!


Keya said...

We have coyotes, too. No chickens, just a bunch of cats and rabbits. They don't come near the house because of the German Shepherd in the yard. A big dog is a good coyote deterrent. Possum, now that's a different story!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

how'd you get so lucky that you now have TWO sexy men in kilts? hehehe

Turtle said...

yup, coyotes, have them! They run down the old dirt road behind our property to get to the lake, have come into the yard a few times to sniff. Right now we have had to work more with the cat, who has taken to catching and eating the rabbits, maybe they were getting into the garden, lol.
Love the kilts! In a few weeks i get to take 3 men shopping for utilikilts. They begged me to stay in the band and when asked what it would take... well, i bartered on combat boots and utilikilts when on stage. They agreed! Lol, the guitar player said if it took him wearing a skirt on stage to keep me he gladly would, gotta luv my "other men".