Monday, June 14, 2010

Something new

There is always something new and unexpected around here. No day is ever routine it seems. I guess that is good - it keeps us from being bored! I took Little Miss Kitten to the vet the other day just to get her checked out (she is great!) and this guy walks in with a bucket that appeared to be full of hay. He says "Uhhhh........I got me a bucket o baby possums here what do I do with 'em?". The receptionist, the tech and the vet all immediately look at me. I was like "Umm, OK - I'll take them."

Thank goodness our wildlife rehabber Liz was coming in later that day so I could pawn them off on her! We took care of them for the day before she got there and I was actually amazed at how easy they were!! Much easier than the kittens but, of course, they had a little more age on them. They are probably around 4 weeks old or so I imagine. I have taken care of plenty of squirrels but I had never really taken care of baby opossums before - OMG they are so friggin' CUTE!!!!!!

When I got back to the house I took them all out to get them on the heating pad - there were 7!

They have been happily moved to our neighbor's care and they are all doing great!


Zibeline said...

FYI: Pretty soon those cute, adorable babies will have razor sharp teeth and rabies and will be on the prowl for your baby cat for a snack. We have battled them for years! Best to just put them out and let nature take its course or call your local DNR. Sorry, but they don't make good pets!

Knit Witch said...

Well they aren't going to be pets. They go to us as wildlife rehabbers to be rehabilitated and then released back into the wild. Opossums are an important part of the local ecosystem even though people don't like to realize that. They eat dead carcasses and clean up and they also eat poisonous snakes. ANY mammal can carry rabies but opossums carrying rabies is extremely rare due to their low body temperature. Skunks and raccoons are much more likely vectors for rabies.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the babies and passing them on to the rehabbers.
We need all our animals to make this place called earth work.

Angela said...

They are adorable, so cute when babies!

jomamma said...

A friend of mine raised a baby opossum. She said there was little difference than having a cat. It's just that people would comment at how ugly her cat was when they'd see it.

Turtle said...

so cute!