Wednesday, April 7, 2010


1. So, judging by the comments on the blog, the things you all are most interested in reading about are kilts and bling. I will keep this in mind.

2. It has been really windy here the past two days. Yesterday I was sitting at my computer grading papers and a skein of yarn went flying by the window. That's when I decided that it was probably time to bring the yarn in. However, all of that wind makes for remarkably fast drying time!

3. I started a new project. This is the "Fairy Wing Shawl" but the pattern is not available on Ravelry quite yet. When it is I shall share it with you. I dyed some 50/50 Merino/Silk fingering weight yarn in the colorway Zanthus. Here's the progress so far.

Since that is a sucky picture - here's a better picture of the yarn color.

4. Today is my last day of dyeing for Stitches South - woo hoo!!! We have been working our butts off to get everything ready and now we are finishing up a bit early. Wayne still has some pottery to work on and I have packing still to do but we are getting closer!

5. Tomorrow I will have some new stuff to show you that Wayne has done. They look great!!!


Hockey Mom said...

Is all verra nice. Two weeks!!!

Sarah B. said...

Counting down until Stitches! Cannot wait to see everyone - especially you guys!