Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kilt Update

So, my husband has been at the gym just about everyday working on his "kilt legs" as he calls them. This is good I suppose since it gets me to the gym just as often!!

The kilt has been ordered so we'll see what it looks like when it gets here. Apparently it is being custom made by someone he found on Ebay.

Tomorrow we are off to Atlanta. I'm actually looking forward to our trip even though it is going to be packed full of stuff! Thursday morning we'll be stopping by Only Ewe and Cotton Too in order to deliver all of the yarn for the shawl kits (WHEW! It's nice to have all of that dyed, packed and on it's way!). Then we have lunch with a friend that we haven't seen for a while and then it's on to my mom's where we will be spending the night and having dinner. Petey gets to go to Grandma's!!! He loves that. Hopefully the snow will all be melted by then!

The reason we are going though is because I am teaching a patient simulation activity at Emory Nursing School for the nursing students on Friday morning. I am always up early but I will actually have to be dressed early and out of the house! I think that Emory would frown upon me wearing my pjs to work even if I put my lab coat on over them!

After that - lunch at our favorite place in Decatur - The Brickstore - and then heading back home. While I'm teaching I'll be sending Wayne all around town for Sam's shopping and other such exciting tasks. What a great husband, eh???

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Wayne said...

Geeeee thanks for posting this! Haha! Maybe you could knit me some thigh high socks so I won't show any leg? Na...that would be no fun.