Friday, January 22, 2010


So, I'm knitting a test knit for a pattern made with our DK weight yarn. The pattern is great - thus far my knitting has sucked. Here's how it has gone so far:

- Start the cabled band - screw up the first few cables but don't realize it until several repeats later of course

- Decide to keep going and just rip out from the bottom up at the end since the band is started with a provisional cast on (I'm sure you can see where THAT went)

- Spend about 2 hours trying to fix my ridiculous plan to rip out from the bottom up (just in case you were wondering - doing this does NOT WORK which I knew but figured I could conquer it anyway - the knitting won)

- There were scissors involved so I'm sure you can see just how bad this was

- Seriously, I think I was sweating after all the work on fixing that band

- Fixed the band - kitchenered it together - no problem (ironically - kitchener stitch is the only thing I had NO problems with - go figure)

- Pick up stitches around the band

- Realize that I didn't pick up enough stitches so I decide to just do increases on the next row

- Finish that and then read the next line in the pattern which calls for more increases (dudes, this is totally why you should read your whole pattern before you start)

- Fumble around about what to do and then decide to just add increases in on the next row

- Knit for about 4 hours before realizing that my knitting looks like total crap and ponder what to do

- Knit another row and decide that it still looks like crap

- Decide that if it looks like crap at 1" then it is going to look like crap at 3.5" so..............

- Rip out all work down to the cable band

- Pick up stitches again this time working all increases into the first knitted row - woooo hoooo - right number of stitches!!!

- Realize that I picked up stitches with the WRONG SIDE FACING! FPS!!!!!!

- Rip out again down to cable band

- Pick up stitches AGAIN and make increases on the next row (dudes - this is like 200 stitches per round we are talking about!!)

- Realize that I f*&$ed up picking up the stitches AGAIN but pretend that I don't notice that part (seriously - no one will notice a small indiscretion on the back, right?)

- Decide that I don't really care who sees what I'm not ripping back to the dang cable band again

- Pour glass of wine

- Realize I probably should have started with the above step and things probably would have gone better

- Write to pattern designer and tell her that her pattern is great but I just can't seem to follow it correctly for some reason - seriously - I KNOW how to pick up stitches!!!!!!!

- Also tell designer that just because I offer to do a test knit does not mean that she has to actually take me up on the offer - she has probably learned her lesson I am guessing

- Decide that I need to make a video on picking up stitches so that I can watch it myself when I have to pick up stitches along the bottom of the cable band - jeeeez louise!!!!

- Continue knitting merrily along until the next challenge (even though picking up stitches should really NOT be a challenge at all)

- Realize that there is a big difference between K3,P1 (which is what the pattern says) and P1,K3 (which is what I'm doing)

- Tink back 100 stitches

- Put knitting in time out for the night and pour another glass of wine

- Hopefully it will go better today

Have a great weekend!!!!! I'll be working on the test knit and then celebrating my birthday all weekend!!! My mom is coming tomorrow - sheesh - I better get this house cleaned up!!


Nalamienea said...

lol yeah... the wine first next time maybe. hehehe

turtlegirl76 said...

lol Sounds like one of my escapades.

Bubblesknits said...

Oh wow. lol Did you finish off the bottle last night?

Turtle said...

i have soooo had knit nights like that! (and yes, we have all learned the hard way about ripping from the wrong end.) have more wine and enjoy your weekend! happy birthday B!

Jane said...

Have a fabulous birthday weekend!

Knitting Out Loud said...

Frustrating, but, well, that's part of the fun of knitting...

Barefoot Potter said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Wife! I love you!

theyarnwhisperer said...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! I hope you and Mr. Man are having lots of fun and he is treating you like a queen.