Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Man Toys

That sounds far more interesting than it really is.

Wayne got a new pickup.


Not what you were expecting, eh? How about a closer look?

Yeah, wow, right? I know - but he is really excited about it. Now he can play his acoustic guitar through an amp. He has been looking online obsessively lately trying to find an electric guitar to buy. In the meantime, my son, Nathan, has so many that he graciously left one here for Wayne to play with in the meantime. Great kid, eh? :)

OK - so that was short lived. He bought an electric guitar when we "stopped by Guitar Center just to see what they had" yesterday. Right. I know all about him. He was debating between the teal one and the natural wood one. I voted for the natural wood! He has been obsessed with learning how to play it - but I love it! I love seeing him so passionate about learning. Now, hopefully the weather will be better today so I can get him outside doing some glazing for you all!! It's a PRS if anyone is interested.

Finally - some folks asked me for the bread recipe. Silly me - I should have included it in the post! You can find it here. I also added 1 tblsp of wheat gluten in the recipe. The bread took about 30 minutes to bake for me and it this recipe makes 2 loaves. In the second batch I made I used 4c of wheat flour and 2c of rye flour. I also added other goodies like rosemary, garlic, parsley, etc. YUM!!!!!!


turtlegirl76 said...

Go Wayne!

katey said...

That is one amazing husband you have!

Turtle said...

sweet! our friend builds pick ups and is lucky enough that have become in high demand with quite a few big bands....lucky man gets back stage passes left and right! Hubbys birthday gift was a new mixing board, his new bass is xmas, although he is already playing it. Enjoy ! (so no pics of "naked man" playing music? lol

jomamma said...

You are one more in a line of many knitters that I have found who's husband has a musical hobby. My hubby builds mandolins and plays bluegrass music.

Lisa said...

Love the guitar story. We have single-handedly supported Guitar Center in the past, so we are not allowed to even go in there any more!