Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday already?

Wow. Here it is Monday and I am completely unprepared with a blog post for you. I have lots of pictures for you I just need to get them organized!! I will work on them tonight so you will have some interesting reading for the rest of the week. I realize interesting is a relative term...........

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday and I hope you all did too!!! We had fun at my dad's. We didn't play cards so that was good - Wayne and I got to hold onto our $6 until the next meetup. We had another Thanksgiving dinner again yesterday with our neighbor. Our poor neighbor had family staying at her house for the weekend and she was about to go over the edge having to deal with them. I won't go into all the details but let's suffice it to say that by the time they left yesterday morning she was thoroughly fed up! So, we made dinner and poured her several glasses of wine so she appears to be making a recovery from them this morning!

Later last night I spent some time ripping out about 10 inches on one of the Girl Friday sleeves. Yeah, fun right? It wasn't until I finished and had bound off that I realized............hmmmmm - I did the DECREASES for the sleeve cap but I don't think I did the INCREASES for the upper arm! Sure enough my sleeve did not appear to look like the schematic in the pattern. So.........RIBBIT! Oh WHY did I not take pictures for you?!?! I spent some time working on the sleeve correctly last night and will hopefully have the first sleeve finished tonight.

OK - I have a major announcement on the 2010 clubs coming up this week so stay tuned for that. Also, I'll be announcing our December charity plans tomorrow.

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Beverly said...

That's too bad about your Girl Friday sleeve! That's a lot of knitting to rip out.