Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Key West - Day 2

On day 2 in Key West we got up and went walking around a bit more. We had breakfast at a great locals place called Pepe's. Then we did a bit more wandering around visiting various bars and restaurants until it was time for our sunset dinner cruise. We really lucked out because we were the only customers on the boat that night so we had our own private dinner cruise! The captain and his first mate were really a lot of fun. They cooked a wonderful dinner and we brought whatever we wanted to drink. Wayne and I had a bottle of wine..........EACH! I couldn't believe that I drank a whole bottle of wine by myself. We were on the boat for like 5 hours but still - sheesh!

Here is one of those glasses.

Here is our captain, Alex, and his first mate, Laura.

Here is Wayne and I (and Alex).

We had a pretty nice sunset that night out on the water.

Now, the bad thing about me drinking all of that wine was that we had to be back down at the harbor at 9AM for a sailing and kayaking trip!!!

If you are ever in Key West though we highly recommend sailing with Captain Alex! The food was wonderful and it was really a lot of fun.


jomamma said...

OMG, my daughter lives part time in KW and part time in USVI, too bad she's in the VIs or she would have shown you guys a great time. She's a boatie chic so she probably knows the crews on your boat rides. She also has a best friend that used to perform at the drag shows too. She's currently in St.Thomas getting her Captain's license so maybe the next time you head down she'll take you out on her boat.

Roadchick said...

So glad the weather is great there . . . all it's done is rain in TN and northern GA. Ugh.