Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!

I hope everyone is going to have a great day off! Today we are headed downtown for the big Labor Day BBQ that they do every year. I won't be eating any BBQ obviously but it will still be fun. I bought a plate last year for $10 figuring I would just eat whatever vegetable matter they had. I ended up with a large plate of coleslaw. Seriously, you can only eat so much coleslaw so, I'll just save myself the trouble this year.

These little country towns don't exactly cater to vegetarians. In fact, people are generally shocked when I tell them I am a vegetarian - as if they don't even understand what I am trying to say. And to a lot of folks up here that means that I don't eat beef but that I will still eat chicken or sausage or pork chops. It's pretty funny. One time I asked a waitress if the gravy had meat in it. She said "oh no - no meat in the gravy". Then I got the gravy and it had huge chunks of sausage in it. I then proceeded to tell the waitress that her gravy did have meat in it, just in case she didn't realize that and she said "Oh yeah - well it has SAUSAGE in it". Ummm......ok. Then, I had a woman several months ago say to me "You're a vegetarian? But you look so.................healthy!". Ummmm, yeah, that's kind of the point!

People are funny.

Speaking of funny - here are a couple of cute videos for you. We regularly have "Hummingbird wars" on our porch. These little guys are so territorial that they really make a fuss anytime another one is around. I tried to capture some of their antics but wasn't really all that successful. The third video is of the geese coming in and landing - I think I shot that movies last fall. Have a great day!!


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love hummingbirds so delicate and pretty thankyou for sharing the video's:)I'm going to clean my house today then maybe cast on a cowl in aran weight cashmere but havent decided on a pattern yet any ideas would be well received;)Hugs Darcy

Turtle said...

In the spring we will have an average of 15 hummingbirds at a time around the feeders, but now they have dwindled... though one was buzzing my head watching me pick tomatoes the other day.

Lol, i know what you mean about the vegetarian bit. I didn't eat meat for 17 years then tried it on/off for 5 years. I physically cannot digest it now so happily gave it up again! (if i eat meat i will have intense stomach pain for days) I also asked about the gravy while on vacation to dip fries showed up with bacon in it.

Jenny said...

This is the draw-back with living so far up north! We don't get hummingbirds here, I've never seen one in real life (I guess the closest thing is in Donald Duck cartoons...)

I just wanted to let you know that I've written about your September contest on my blog, I think You have already entered me twice in the contest, but I thought I would let you know so you dont think I cheat =).

Oh, I'm jench 24 on Ravelry!

/ Jenny

moevans said...

I feel your pain on the difficulty of being a vegetarian in a small town. I have a ton of trouble. Like chicken stock in vegetable soup or mashed potatoes. Duh ... what part of vegetable do you not understand!