Friday, September 18, 2009

Clearwater Wildlife

Of course we got some pictures of some wildlife while we were in Clearwater. First up - a Green Heron. He was sitting on this rope next to us while we were chatting with Walt. We saw him get a couple of fish while we were there.

A mama duck and her baby.

Check out these Osprey - these birds are so pretty and they have a huge wingspan. Doesn't the first one look like he is wearing a tuxedo?

And pelicans. I love pelicans - they are so cool. They look like they have just stepped out of Jurassic Park.

While we were walking on the beach one day we saw this woman on the beach with her 2 kids. They were having some lunch. The seagulls swooped down and took a cracker right out of one of her kids hands. She was holding a sandwich and they just started dive bombing her. She was screaming and running and trying to shoo them away. The kids are screaming - what a scene. Obviously, the birds had done this operation before because they were relentless. Finally, the woman just THROWS the sandwich and about 50 birds just dive after it and then THEY start screaming at each other trying to all get a piece. It was an entertaining scene for sure.

Have a great weekend!!!


Jenny said...

Oooh, I just have to share! Today I went to the post office to pick upp a package that had arrived for me. My superviser told me at my exam seminar last week that she had bougth a gift for me that would arrive in the mail, and I figured this was it. Well, it turns out she had bougth me a yarn bowl from you! I'm just so incredibly happy, it's absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to use it every day from now on, I promise!

Tomorrow, when the light is better, I'll take a photo of it and post on my blog!

/ Jenny

Turtle said...

(smile to jenny) i love mine and it sits on the ottoman and used most every day!

nice pics! glad your having fun! Hey, saw your samples are in the next phat fiber box!

jomamma said...

I think pelicans look just like Pterodactyls too, especially when they are flying. I'm enjoying your vacation.