Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to Vote!!!!

The Sock Summit/Ravelry "Dye for Glory" contest has now progressed to the voting phase. Go HERE to vote. There are several categories and all of them have some gorgeous yarns. Here are the yarns that we have posted in the following categories:

Watercolors - "Waters of the Willammette"

Predictable Stripes - "Illumination"

Pooler - "Brewtopia"

Dipped - "Portland Rain"

Shaded Solid - "City of Roses"

Out of the Box - "Oregon Merlot"

If you have named one of these colors you are contractually bound to vote for it!! Haha - just kidding - vote for whoever you like but we will appreciate any Knit Witch votes. Thanks in advance!!!


evilsciencechick said...

I voted! I divided up my votes, because I'm a fickle hoar, between you, numma numma, and miss babs.

woo! good luck!

Grace said...

I voted, For all of Knit Witch's entries, and then I picked out others in the catagories you weren't in,

Turtle said...

off and voted! some lovely yarns!! I still love your portland rain!

Sara said...

I voted...and voted for more than two of yours!!!

Karin said...

LOVE all those colors.

turtlegirl76 said...

Voted! They're all so awesome and definitely stand out in their categories. Good luck!

Phyllis said...

I voted. Good luck! You really make beauteous stuffz!

Shea said...

You got all my votes! Good Luck!