Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet Sir Issac

Newt that is!! Check out this little guy! We thought it was so cool to have a newt in our pond. A newt surely indicates great water conditions. So, we fed him a worm and he LOVED it. Then we looked over and saw his two posse friends.

And, check out the size of this tadpole! He is obviously left over from last year. Tadpoles grow at a rate that is conducive to the weather. So, if it isn't warm enough for them to grow completely into a frog by the end of the season they just stay a tadpole and pick up growth again when the weather gets warm - pretty cool, eh??

Slim and Petey were down at the dock enjoying all the wildlife with us.

The fish are doing GREAT and we are off to buy more fish for the pond this morning. I would show you some knitting but I don't really have any. I am itching to do a more challenging project and I'm thinking of something like February Lady or re-starting my Hey Teach. I can't stand the yarn I am using for Hey Teach so that is why I haven't really bothered with it much. I figure if I don't like knitting it then I'm probably not going to like wearing it, right? So, I am going to probably dye up some of the DK weight we carry for one of those.


LittleWit said...

I want a pond. Hmm maybe I can turn the creek into my own pond. Just need to find a way to keep it from running dry. :)

Lynn said...

I just discovered you today thanks to KnitPurlGurl! YOur blog and your work are amazing.

Anonymous said...

The newts are fantastic!!! Great pics! I didn't know that about tadpoles, how cool is that??!!?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures of the tadpole and other critters reminds me of when i lived at home *sigh* ty for the delightful pictures :)

Beverly said...

Found your blog through Knit Purl Gurl - love your products, especially the bowls! If I don't win, I'll be back to buy one.