Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't tell the Sheriff

That this is where we buried the bodies - haha!!

It looks like we buried a couple of really tall people here dosen't it? We have had some GREAT weather over the past few days so we seized the opportunity to start getting our garden ready. We actually have the opportunity to do it right this time. Last year we were just moving in, had about a zillion other things to do and simply didn't have time to prepare our garden correctly. We definitely paid the price for that too. This year - things are different!
We were tired and sore after hauling all of that dirt up to the garden and working hard to get it all ready but it was FUN! It was so nice to get to work outside. Now that it is getting warmer we will REALLY start getting busy with the garden and maintenance and later canning.

If you are interested in learning more about gardening, for either a tiny or a large garden, this book is the bomb. This guy gives all kinds of great information. I have learned tons of stuff just about 50 pages into the book. Consequently, we are doing wide raised beds this year. No more planting in those "traditional" rows. I think this method is going to work much better for us and for the plants. We will be getting our seeds started indoors in probably another week or so.

I think the hardest thing about planting a garden is being patient. You really have to start the seeds at the right time, take the time to acclimate them to the chage to living outdoors in the garden and then plant them in the garden when the temperature is just right. There is so much to know in order to really do it right to get the best yield and just about everything you plant is different! We will be keeping a jounal so things are a little easier next year. Our gardens in Tucker did GREAT and I know this one will do even better because we have a lot more sun in this garden.

We also bought these.

We'll be planting these soon also. Mr. Man will build a trellis somewhere for the grapes.

We cleared out a lot of branches that were overhanging the garden yesterday. We used the pine braches that we cut down to start a little natural reef in the pond for fish to hide in and use for laying eggs. We should be getting fish this week!!! Here is what we are ordering (I never thought I would order this much fish at one time!):

300 Bluegill Brim
125 Redear Brim
125 Channel Catfish
20 Largemouth Bass
1000 Fathead Minnows

I can't wait to get fish again! I checked the pond pH yesterday and it is just about perfect.


barrel_racer_82 said...

Ooh! Ooh! I just got that book too!! Isn't it awesome!!?? It is still really cold here (Germany) but I already have caught myself spending a whole lot of time in the gardening section of Hornbach(Home Depot). We have a small yard that I am going to turn into a small garden and I can't wait to put this book to good use!

LittleWit said...

Looks like you were really busy this weekend! We spent the weekend enjoying all the ice melting. I don't think we will really be able to play in the yard for another month or so. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! The weather is still iffy here, cold and rainy one day, gorgeous clear skies, (but still cold) the next.

Mason-Dixon said...

Oh warm weather!! I've been doing my daydreaming at the local store as well waiting, waiting waiting. I'm so jealous! Like the bodies!

TURBOchic said...

I'm so jealous of all your hard work. I'm not that patient. I try, but so far the earth doesn't agree with me.

Farmer Jen said...

Wide raised planting beds are really the way to go. You can get a nice yield that way and also keep the weeds down naturally. Looks good!