Friday, January 30, 2009

A Walk on the Tracks

On Sunday we took a little walk down the tracks. Apparently someone has either purchased or inherited the really old house down the tracks from us. Last time we went down there the place was REALLY overgrown. You could barely see the house. I wish I had a wider angle shot but with these two just image the same level of overgrowth all over the property.

Here is what it looked like yesterday. Somebody is really cleaning this place up!

And I guess one of the beaver dams either got washed out or taken apart. Here is what the area behind the beaver dam looked like last time.

Here's what it looked like this time.

And they have a new dam here.

Check out these cattails!

And these cute little feet prints in the mud!

It was a really nice walk. We have plans in the Spring to pack a lunch and some water and walk WAY down the tracks. It should be interesting!


theyarnwhisperer said...

I believe there's a story about some boys who walked down some railroad tracks and found a dead body.... oh yeah, Stand By Me. Let me know if you find any dead bodies.

LittleWit said...

Yeah I would say someone is definitely working on cleaning up that lot. :)

Turtle said...

wow, lots of work! what a cute little house

grace said...

WOW. It's like two different places, the clean up is so profound!

Love the paw tracks. :)

Riohnna said...

Wow, the shack is gorgeous!!!! WOW!

Sue said...

That place is adorable!
You live in a very beautiful area.