Thursday, November 13, 2008


Someone requested to see a picture of my spinning wheel last week. Well, here it is!

This is an Ashford Traditional. I really like this wheel though I think I am going to be in the market for a more portable wheel soon - maybe an Ashford Joy or a Schacht Ladybug. Anyone with either of those wheels want to weigh in on their opinions? I'm kind of leaning towards the Ladybug.

Here is the fiber that I got at SAFF all plied up! It ended up fairly even though I did have trouble in some spots with the singles. I am assuming that these were hand carded batts. I have never spun hand carded batts before and it was definitely a little different. Not bad by any means - just different. As I plied I actually tried to be purposeful about the amount of twist I was putting in the yarn. I like to work with tightly twisted plies so I tried to make this yarn like that. I think it turned out pretty good. I tend to undertwist the plies - for some reason it just always seems to look like I am putting more twist into the yarn than I actually am. But, I'm learning! I have some hand dyed merino top in the que next.


Turtle said...

nice yarn! i have the same wheel but am still new as a spinner. I am actually taking a couple of private sessions with a local spinner sometime soon to work out any kinks(just have to book a date), this is my xmas gift from my mom, smile, of course she knows she will benefit from the yarn as well!

katey said...

You know I LOVE my Ladybug.

A couple of reasons:

It's very sturdy and feels substantial.

It's essentially the same design as the Schacht Matchless, but half the price. (Especially handy, if you think that you might eventually upgrade, and you want to get a WooLee Winder, it will fit both wheels.)

The treadles are REALLY wide, so you can adjust your position while spinning and don't get as tired.

It's made in America with woods that are sourced less than 40 miles from where the wheels are constructed in Colorado.

Schacht is a wonderful company that started small and is growing steadily.

It's a little unwieldy to carry around in comparison to the Joy or the Louet Victoria, as it doesn't fold. (So flying with it is pretty much out of the question.)

(I also know a local shop that has one in stock, if you want to test drive it. Or you are welcome to test drive mine.)

LittleWit said...

Your yarn looks lovely. I know nothing about wheels. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

It is gorgeous!! Now I want a wheel! LOL, that would be dangerous, as I would then want to grow cotton and raise angora's.

Farmer Jen said...

Beautiful yarn! What will you make with it?

Sara said...

Love the wheel!!!!