Monday, November 3, 2008

And the winners are..................

The winner for the best story was LizzyK8!! She won a skein of Knit Witch hand dyed sock yarn! It was REALLY difficult to choose a winner. There were so many great stories entered. Also, we did a random drawing from everyone who reposted the contest. The winner from that is Amanda Wansley!! She will also receive a skein of Knit Witch hand dyed sock yarn.

Thanks to everyone who sent in ghost stories! They were really fun and interesting to read. We will post them all on the website this week. I will definitely let everyone know when they are up.

We had such a fun weekend. On Halloween we went downtown because our neighbor told us that some kids get dressed up and go around to all the stores downtown and go trick-or-treating. Ummmm.........I think she meant to say HUNDREDS of kids get together and go downtown for trick-or-treating! We couldn't believe how many people were down there. They had all the streets blocked off and had costume contests and lots of fun. The kids were so cute! Here's a few random shots that we took while we were down there.

Here's a Knit Witchy looking witch!

Here's the cutie that won the contest. He is Indiana Jones. They actually painted chest hair on him! He was such a ham too!!

Here's the graveyard they set up downtown.

This is me and "The Thing"!

This is me and the witch in front of the graveyard.

Here's my wonderful Mr. Man.

The weather was beautiful!! I hope everyone had a great Halloween and congratulations to the contest winners!!!


LittleWit said...

I wonder if that's what our uptown area looks like at the beginning of the night. :) I headed uptown around 1045 and it was pretty vacant. I will have to head up earlier next year.

Turtle said...

Wow...very crazy! Cingrats to the lucky winners!

LizzieK8 said...

"The best story will receive two skeins of Knit Witch sock yarn" I'm so excited I won! It's seems like it's been forever since I won something and then I win two different contests within a week!

Can't wait to see what colors the skeins are!

Anonymous said...

I miss Halloween in America. It just doesn't happen like that here.

Sarah said...

Highlands does a similar Halloween, it's really cool!

Sue said...

I'm so behind on reading blogs. Congrats to the winners. That yarn looks so yummy!