Thursday, October 23, 2008

Knitting! Well, Sort of

Swatches. I know, I know but I had to do some. I wanted to have at least some of our yarn knit up so that people could see how it looks knit up and get a good feel for it. I wasn't able to do a swatch for everything because I did not necessarily have yarn left over for each type we had but I think this is a pretty good sampling. My blocking board actually had cobwebs on it when I got it out!

My favorite to knit with was the 100% merino sock yarn. That's the turquoise and black on in the picture (Pisces is the yarn name). It was very easy to work with and I love how it looks. It has a nice "bloom" to it. Nice and stretchy too!! The three on the left hand side from top to bottom are Helios, Capricorn and Harvest Moon. The one on the top left is not on the website. I love that Harvest Moon and I have already rolled up a ball for my next pair of socks!

I have one more swatch that I am working on - a lace weight. OH MY GOSH!!!! Does working with lace make everyone feel old?? I can barely even SEE what I am trying to knit! So, maybe that one will get done before we get there and maybe it won't. No promises there!

Well, we are off to Asheville!!! My son and his girlfriend will be here watching the ranch. Hopefully all our pets will still be alive when we return. If you are going to SAFF - see you there!!!! Be sure to come by our booth which will be out in the Sales Arena - space #29!! We will definitely be joining some of you folks out there for a few brewskies on Saturday night - looking forward to it. I hope everyone has a safe trip there and back!


grace said...

I definitely need a skein or two of the Pisces! Love it! See you in the next day or so!

Turtle said...

have fun! swatches are a pain but so nice to see when looking to buy yarn. lol, you need a good chair and killer light for lace, i on the other hand also need my glasses!

LittleWit said...

Have fun and sell a ton! :) Your swatches look great.

Anonymous said...

One of each, please. LOL! Those are gorgeous!!

Esther said...

Lovely. Made me skip right over to your website.

The Leo also looks gorgeous but I am heartbroken there is no Aries (ego manic that I am)