Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Festival

Over the weekend we tortured ourselves with going to the insanely busy Apple Festival in Ellijay. Luckily, Mr. Man and I went early, had a nice breakfast in downtown Ellijay and then walked to the fairgrounds. We were lucky enough to not have to deal with the crazy traffic getting to the festival. Unfortunately, the family members that we were meeting were not as lucky. My dad actually turned around and went back home instead of coming to the festival because the traffic was so bad! My aunt and cousin muddled through the 1 hour wait in Ellijay to park on the fairgrounds.

We actually had a really good time and my aunt and cousin came by the house afterwards for some snacks. We didn't really buy much but Mr. Man saw this and couldn't resist buying it for me!

There was a car show.

And LOTS of people.

Oh, and apparently Cher showed up.


Raymie said...

That is some serious hair. I bet she looked fabulous in the 80s.

LittleWit said...

The Apple Festival sounds splendid. We are headed to the Pumpkin show this weekend. I love that lady's hair. :)

grace said...

Who knew Cher loved applies so much! ;-)

grace said...

Uh, apples. Not applies.

Linda said...

Don't you just love all these fall festivals?