Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yard Work

Before we start in about yard work - a brief announcement:
Knit Witch has booth space 29 in the sales arena for SAFF - come see us!! We will have a RAFFLE with some fabulous prizes!!

Now.......on to your regularly scheduled program:

Oh yes, there was yard work to be had around here this weekend. First, we dug up all the iris (irises? What the heck is the plural of iris?), lilys (lilies? What the heck is the plural for lily?), hostas and other stuff that was planted along side our steps down to the pond. It was WAY overcrowded in there and whoever planted it used this garden fabric that, I swear, must have been made out of teflon or something. Talk about heavy duty. You could not hardly cut it and the plants really couldn't get roots through it so I wanted it GONE. We relocated the lilies (lilys?) and iris (irises?) around the pond and moved the hostas. Here is our barren stair garden as it stands now.

We'll be planting some fun stuff in there soon.

Also, our pond is under a partial drainage situation right now. We have cut off the inflow water from the creek to let it get even lower. We have a major leak somewhere so we are having some pond folk come look at it this week hopefully and offer us some help. It does not help that the jerk that owned the house before us dug a hole in the pond with a bob cat, filled the hole with trash (wood, books, PVC pipes, you name it) and tried to burn it. Yes, IN the pond. He poured gasoline all over everything and tried to set it on fire to burn it. Obviously he had missed the day in school where they learned that you can't actually burn things that are in water. He's not really the brightest bulb now is he? No one can afford THAT much gasoline these days to make it work. He obviously couldn't burn it so he just left it and most probably broke the seal on the pond in the process. Here's the hole with all his junk in it and the pond being WAY down.

I'm actually glad it is kind of low right now because it is giving us a chance to clean out more of his trash on the other side of the pond. Yesterday we pulled out a lawn chair, a bucket, some rusted tin cans, metal pipes and other crunched up metal. This is, of course, in additon the large amount of trash we had already taken out of the pond when we first moved in. He's not exactly what I like to refer to as an "environmentalist". But, we are going to get things back on track, get it cleaned up and fixed and make sure that our fish, turtles, snakes and whatever else is living in our pond ecosystem are happy and healthy!!

Our neighbor just got her house painted - dosen't it look cool?

Oh, and here's our handsome Mr. Slim. He loves to go with us when we walk over to the neighbor's house so this is him sitting on the fence between our houses as we got ready to walk back home. No need to point out the fact that he isn't actually slim.


theyarnwhisperer said...

you mean the baby kitties didn't follow Slim over to the neighbor's?

LittleWit said...

I can't wait to see what your garden and pond look like when they are done! And yes, that house looks great! I really enjoy the colors.

vanfox23 said...

thanks for sharing!

Riohnna said...

The neighbors house is gorgeous, and I am excited to see what you will plant in the barren spot you dug up. Holy cow, I had never heard of any planting material like that!! And the trash, o.M.G.!!! That is truly sad that people do those things!!!!

candi said...

He may not actually be slim, but he sure is a handsome guy.

grace said...

Mr. Slim has got such a sweet face! My cat Chloe has similar coloring to Slim, but she always looks angry, like she's plotting your death.