Monday, September 8, 2008

The weekend..........

It didn't get any better as far as football is concerned (oh, what? You didn't know that this blog turns into a football blog in the Fall??? Well, surprise!). Not only did the Redskins lose but our fantasy team lost as well. So, no more talk about football for this week.

During the 4:00 game yesterday I did do some work on Hey Teach. I'm almost done with the second front so that will be all of the big pieces, I'll just have sleeves and button bands to go. However, it's truly not worthy of a picture as of yet.

My son was here to get his wisdom teeth out on Friday so I spent most of the weekend playing nurse (I'm sure that the weekend will help me keep up my skills for my nursing license somehow, right?). He is doing well although he did seriously look like a chipmunk when he left here yesterday. He has got to be the most non-complaining teenager in the world.

My mom came out on Friday to visit us and Nathan so that was a really nice visit. Then my dad and aunt came out yesterday so we all sat around and played cards and it was great fun! We didn't even cut Nathan any slack for the tooth surgery. He was a good sport and wanted to play every game with us. I won the first game and my dad won the second then we all went out for ice cream - it was a great day!

I did a lot of yarn dyeing over the weekend also and am working on more today. Nathan poignantly pointed out that dyeing yarn is remarkably similar to cooking spaghetti only prettier. The lace weight alpaca is up on the site and the sock yarn will be going up today and tomorrow. I love doing all this dyeing - such fun!!

Oh, and we finally got our lotions in!!! We have already sold 4 bottles - amazing. This stuff is great so check it out on the site if you want some for yourself or for holiday gifts. If you are signed up for the newsletter you should be getting your first installment late this week or early next week.

Happy Monday!


Hockey Mom said...

But, the Steelers won!

Dudette, you have a seriously good eye for colors - I'm THIS close to breaking my yarn diet!

Sarah said...

gorgeous colors!

turtlegirl76 said...

So. Pretty.