Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Bloom..........

There are LOTS of things in bloom around here lately. It seems this place has just come alive with color over the past few weeks. We are really looking forward to the Fall up here!!! I know next to nothing about plants so I can't name all of these beautiful things for you but I thought you might enjoy seeing some North Georgia nature shots! I believe the above picture is a knock-out rose.

Yellow stuff:

More yellow stuff:


Yellow Daisies (we have LOTS of these on our property and they are so pretty!):

White stuff (baby's breath maybe??):

Purple stuff:


More purple stuff (usually this stuff is COVERED in bees - of course the day I take a picture they are all AWOL):

Water Sprite?:



Hockey Mom said...

The purple stuff usually covered in bees is sedum.

There is a saying - "The earth laughs in flowers." You have an extremely happy home!

Sara said...

I recognized the purple stuff as sedum...

You have tons of really pretty flowers everywhere. That is so neat!

Jane said...

Oooh, pretty! You know I'm a sucker for flower pictures (even if I can't name most of them, either.)

Lista said...

I don't know what any of them are, either, but they're all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us!