Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Country Fun

Over the weekend the local coffee shop had a "customer appreciation" of sorts. They put together a hay ride from town to the site of the festivities. Now, mind you that is only about a 1/4 mile distance but still..........they drove really slow so it would FEEL like they were on a long hay ride. We opted out of the hay ride (that stuff is itchy!) and rode our bikes to the site of the festivities. Now, mind you the festivities were right across the street from our house but still.........we rode really slow so it would FEEL like a long ride.

We got to enjoy the beautiful greenspace across the street from our house. The coffee shop had, of course, coffee and a full dinner complete with luscious cherry cobbler dessert! As a vegetarian I only took part in the cole slaw and potato salad, oh AND the cobbler - but it was still very good! Here's a couple of pictures:

See that guy on the guitar? That's Bobby Don Bloodworth. Well, Mr. Man got to talking to him and they started playing "Hey do you know so and so" and Mr. Man happened to mention Winn Sizemore, who is a phenomenal bass player who often played with the awesomist guitarist around, Barry Richman, back in the day. Barry Richman has played with some of the biggest names in music - he's amazing. This guy pictured above was like "No way! You know Winn and Barry?? I used to play in a band with them and I haven't talked to them in years!" Winn is the son of our former neighbor in Tucker, which was how we knew him and consequently Barry. Anyway, we gave Winn a call and passed the phone over to Bobby Don and they spent about 30 minutes catching up. Turns out they live pretty close to each other and are both now teaching kids to play/write music! Small world I tell ya! On another note.........Bobby Don is also "famous" for writing that song for the Pike commercial "Come Play in the Dirt Again". I know you know the one.

Oh, and I snapped this one too because I thought it was funny. Is there any doubt that Goose wants to grow up and be just like Slim??


LittleWit said...

That looks like a lot of fun. :) I will have to try the riding my bike really slow technique sometime. Or perhaps I should just try riding my bike at any speed. :D

MomThatsNuts said...

your yarn is beautiful!! I am a pretty new knitter, do you have an EASY sock pattern? I am having trouble finding one I understand..any help would be appriciated!! Thanks


theyarnwhisperer said...

I'm thinking those kitties need to get a job!

edinir-croche said...