Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Home Improvements

Here's another project that we (and by "we" I mean Mr. Man) finished up over the weekend. When we moved into this house we had very little storage in the kitchen for canned goods and other kitchen type ingredients. We had up a temporary bookshelf to hold some stuff but then Mr. Man made this for us!

It amazes me that he can do all of this with no written plans at all. He just puts it together in his head and then puts it together for real. We are such an awesome team!! Here it is all filled up.

Mr. Man laughed at me because I organized everything and wouldn't let him put anything up. He laughed at my "veggie section" and "bean section" and "fish section" and "pasta section". Well, we'll see how long it actually stays that organized!! He still has to put doors on the bottom part but that part will be done soon! I can't believe how much work "we" have done on this house since we moved here. We LOVE it here!!


LittleWit said...

How much does Mr Man charge for projects? :) I have some shelves and furniture to be built for my office. :)

vanfox23 said...

My project is a bit simpler, Mr. Man. I just need something to put beside my couch to store knitting supplies in. My one end table that houses it now is getting over stuffed. I don't know how THAT happened!! LOL

Anyway that is a beautiful piece of furniture. Good luck keeping it organized. I always start out with good intentions but yeah it gets away from me all the time!!!

Heather said...

Well color me ten kinds of impressed. Is there anything that the two of you CAN'T do? What talent! :)

Come on...I want more dye pics!!

Sara said...

That cabinet is awesome. I arrange my canned goods like you do...what can I say!

Firefly Nights said...

I want Mr. Man. I want him now.

Daddy Dawg takes forever on the projects he does for me. He has to get out graph paper and draw and measure and sometimes he uses AutoCAD. Then when he actually builds whatever it is, there is something wrong with it because he either failed to listen to what I wanted or he built what HE thought I wanted. (No, they aren't the same thing, but close.) Then he has to take some of it apart and do it again until I finally get what I asked for. It takes weeks.

Wanta trade?

Farmer Jen said...

That is a beautiful pantry cabinet! I love it! Mr Man is so talented and handy. My guy can do wood projects, and we did build a pantry cabinet together that I also love, but it is a much smaller piece and took many weeks to complete. Care to sell me the plans for that pantry work of art? The plans would be easier to send me way out here in CA than the actual cabinet. (yes, I know you said he doesn't have drawings and does it all in his head, but still, I would like the plans)