Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Island in the Sun the kitchen!

My most awesomest husband in the world started on this little project (husband cut out of the photo for the usual reason):

And made me THIS!!!!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! About two years ago he went shopping alone at the tile store (never a good idea for my husband to go shopping alone because he likes "bargains"). He came home with this huge piece of granite that they sold him for $50 because it has a stain on it (that you can't even see). I was like "Ummmm.........yeah, ok so what in the heck are we gonna do with that?!?!" Apparently nothing until we moved and he built the perfect kitchen island for it to fit on top of!!

He even made little slots for the baking sheets to slide into. This is great and I am so excited! I'm going to christen it by cutting up fresh cukes for making sweet pickles!

Here's a picture of the kitchen before we moved in. Just say no to track lighting in the kitchen.

And we have a hot tub cover now - yay!! It makes a great tool holder for Mr. Man, don't ya think?


LittleWit said...

That is a simply gorgeous island. A hearty well done to the hubster. :)

vanfox23 said...

very nice workmanship! it fits very nicely into your kitchen too!!! Way to go DH!!!!!

Warlock said...

I am glad you cropped MOST of me out of that picture! Haha! Shock factor probably isn't something you want to have on your blog. I love you Knit Witch!

katey said...

Wait, wait, wait.

He built the damned thing whilst naked?

Power tools and dangly bits hardly seem like a good combo.

It's beautiful, nonetheless

Turtle said...

beautiful! wow, mr man is productive! can i borrow him?? (lol)

theyarnwhisperer said...

I think he should have been wearing his weenie warmer while he worked on it and then you could have taken a picture. You know he would have loved it!

theyarnwhisperer said...

p.s Its a VERY nice island. Kudos to the Mr. Man!
Isn't he afriad he's going to accidentally power saw something off in his au naturale state while undertaking carpentry projects?

Lista said...

Oh, wow, your kitchen is gorgeous! Great craftsmanship, Mr. Man!

turtlegirl76 said...

I thought it was verboten to have power tools on around your, um, power tool.

The island looks fantastic!

Diane Bogino said...

Wow! Your kitchen is starting to look like a real one! Good job to the Son-in-Law. Also glad you got the hot tub cookin'.

Love your mention on Lime & Lace. But then, you've ALWAYS been infamous, err, um, I mean famous in my book.

Love Your Mother

sailorcross said...

Just a fabulous kitchen!! All that room--how fantastic!! What a superb job on the island.

I can say that I'm green with envy--my kitchen is called a "galley kitchen". More than two people in there and you can't get around one another!!

Have a wonderful rest of the day,


knitting dragonfly said...

Oh please no censorship. 1st amendement afterall. Don't we get a little eye candy along with the yarn?