Monday, July 28, 2008

I am all that AND a bag of chips!!

Woo hoo! I'm starting the week out with an actual fiber post!

I started spinning the second roving that I received from Heather. You remember this, right:

She hand dyed it especially for me and I LOVE the colors! So, of course, I didn't want to screw it up so I did the first batch first (that made sense) so that I could practice. Well, if you remember, the first batch didn't go so hot. I believe I remember referring to it as something that resembled something that sucked.

Well, I sat down to start the second batch. My goal was to spin one ounce, as evenly as possible without any crying. Notice, I didn't say without cursing - I didn't want to push my luck. Well, lemme tell ya, this stuff spun up so easily! I felt like I actually had spinning mojo back! I spun TWO ounces and there was no crying OR cursing!!! It was just a pleasant spinning experience. So this is what I ended up with.

It's pretty darn even if I do say so myself - possibly a bit overspun in a few areas but overall I am extreemly pleased with it. I'm not sure what is different between the first batch and the second. The second is superwash but I don't think that really has anything to do with it. It did feel like the staple lengths were shorter in the second batch. When I was spinning Kermie I could hear Jane over my shoulder saying "You have to pre-draft before you spin!!". So, I was good and I pre-drafted and that did seem to help. On the second batch I started to predraft and I just ended up pulling it apart. So, sorry Jane, no pre-drafting on the second round! Maybe Jane is still at a dude ranch somewhere and won't read here that I didn't pre-draft.

Heather? Any differences between these two that I am missing?

Thanks Heather!! I love it! You should all go buy from her Etsy site right now!!


Jet LeBlanc said...

That's very pretty! And quite even looking! It's a mystery. Some days I can't get an even tension to save my life and other days it just flies through my fingers with the greatest of ease. Sunspots, maybe?

Anyway - gorgeous. :-)

vickyd said...

I love the color and you are doing a great job with the spinning...maybe one day I will learn!

FYI - your yarn bowls are on Lime and Violets Daily Chum today!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Turtle said...

very pretty!

vanfox23 said...

that is a beautiful combo of colors! Way to go on your spinning of it...that is so way beyond my realm of the fiber world right now.....Oh and a huge huge HUGE thanks a million to you for your videos on youtube. Once again you saved me from breaking down in tears! I finished my very first real live sock tonight with your help! I was able to graft the toe right along with the video! Thanks again KnitWitch!

you rock!

Heather said...

I was on vacation, but now I am back and catching up. I think you nailed it with the superwash thing. The first batch (Kermie) was BFL, and the second was superwash merino, so..very different fibers. I find I much much prefer to spin superwash fibers and that is why I have simply quit dyeing non-superwash stuff.

So it is that, or that you really did get your mojo back. Maybe you just get along better with Merino? :) At any rate, you did a beautiful job!! Way to go!