Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun in the Sun

On Sunday we were going to do more work on the house. I finally got rid of the last bit of pink carpet on the stairs on Saturday and was planning to sand and stain them on Sunday. But, our friends Bill and Allie called and invited us to go kayaking down the Toccoa River with them. Seriously, was there a choice? We HAD to go! It just wouldn't have been right - us staying home working on the house while they were out in the wilderness all alone. We care about our friends far too much to allow them to go kayaking alone. We didn't go for the fun or the beauty of it - I swear!

It was a lot of fun! The biggest danger on this river is bottoming out - yeah it's pretty darn shallow in places. We all bottomed out several times but other than that it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. After that Mr. Man and I came home and had pasta salad and a beer on the porch. It was a great day!
On the wildlife front I give you - FROG EGGS! Yes, apparently the frogs feel the need to take over Barefoot Ridge, which is fine with us, so I suppose there was more hawt secks happening in the small pond and as a result we have these:

There is a BUNCH of them. We just had a conversation about doing away with the small pond and building a flagstone patio there instead but I guess that will be put off until our tadpoles are gone. We have some HUGE tadpoles in the big pond. I tried to get a picture of them the other day but it didn't turn out very well. I'll keep trying though!


theyarnwhisperer said...

Hmmm. Those frog eggs look like they are in the shape of a turtle!

Diane Bogino said...

So can't you move the tadpoles to the big pond? Or is there a mountain law stating "Ya'll kan't be a movin' 'em froggy babes, now ya' hear."

Your Mother

Lista said...

Looks like lots of fun! We just ordered a caddyack...which is a cross between a kayak, a canoe, and an inflatable raft! Can't wait to get it so we can go to the river for a day!

Knit Witch said...

Silly mother - if we put the frog eggs in the big pond the fish will eat them!!

Lista - I'm just not sure what to say about that contraption you guys are getting!

theyarnwhisperer said...

I wish I could come on the knitting/rafting expedition but my Mr. Man is in Chicago and I'm stuck home alone with the kids.
I can tell you that there's nothing like having to get out and drag a kayak that will make a string of expurlatives fly out of my mouth!