Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Contest Winners!!!

As promised, though I know LATE here are the winners!!!

First place winner had the most accurate guess the soonest and wins a $20 credit to the Knit Witch store! Congratulations to Debbie!!!! I know, we are low on product right now but not to worry - I will honor the credit for whenever the winners would like to use it. Obviously, this person is also placed on the notification list for the next batch. Here is her entry:

Hum . . .

Contest guessing. You are moving to the Mtns of GA and starting an Alpaca farm. On this farm you will create handspun alpaca yarns and yarn bowls to sell through an online yarn store. Maybe GA Mtn Yarn?

The second place winner has the most outrageous guess. Second place wins a $10 credit to the Knit Witch store. Congratulations to Katey!!! Now let me tell you, this one was far more difficult to choose. Some folks sent in some downright crazy outrageous stuff! They were all hilarious to read! She actually also had a very accurate guess but then she creeped it out with me having all those kids (which for anyone who knows me knows that is NOT EVER going to happen) so I had to give her the most outrageous award. Here is her entry and I'm quite sure she didn't REALLY mean to use foul language against me:

You and Wayne are opening a brick and mortar shop somewhere in the mountains near a body of water? Probably in a touristy town.

Where you will proceed with the getting pregnant and having quintuplets. After which you will promptly be skinny and cute again. (bitch.)

You will then raise those five darling children to make and glaze your yarn bowls thereby stepping up your production 500%.

We drove out to the new place to take a load of stuff. Did I remember to grab the connection to download some pics to the computer? Well, of course not. That would be silly! We are so looking forward to getting on with this venture - we are ready for country living! We can't wait to get our garden put in - nothing more yummy than 3-4 homegrown tomoato sandwiches a day!!!!

Congrats to the winners!!!!!


theyarnwhisperer said...

Oh yeah, Katey had a pretty damn good one there. I think you should seriously consider her idea.

theyarnwhisperer said...

I went back and read some of the posted submissions. I thought Olga was pretty clever as well. I still think I had a pretty good idea too but I was DISQUALIFIED!

Gotta Knit! said...

Yahoooooooooooo! doing the happy winner dance! Yesterday wasn't the worlds most wonderful day so that was a nice surprise this morning.

The place in Blue Ridge looks great.

Turtle said...

Lol at kateys! Congrats winners!

Carol said...

Very cool. I was at least in the ballpark! Congrats on your new place and your new venture. I wish you both the very best!