Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gettin' Ready for the Harlot

In an amazing feat of amazingness I actually have an FO to show you. I figured I better get on the stick and knit up a chemo hat for the Harlot event on Sunday. Now, I had to do it quickly so I decided to crochet it. I was a little limited in the yarn I could use because most of my yarn is currently, ummmm, ain't here, though it's not missing. Even though that isn't in red - it's still a clue!

So, I started my little crochet hat and it just was continuously not going as planned. So, it's a chemo hat for a child rather than an adult. Having worked in pediatric medicine for the past 7 years, I happen to know for a fact that those are in large demand too - unfortunatley. So, I give you "Harlot Hat". I am going to start another one so that hopefully I have two to bring to the event. Maybe the next one will even fit an adult!

I'm sad because I technically do not even have a knitting project in process to take with me to the darn event! Ugh. I sure am missing having a WIP but right now, life is just craziness (but the GOOD kind of craziness, not the BAD kind). I guess I can be crocheting another hat! We are so excited about going and I think Mr. Man is even more excited than me! He loves these knitting gals and he always has such a good time. We are picking up Sandy and will be down there nice and early to enjoy the day. Mimosas anyone???

We were planning to bring the Harlot a yarn bowl but I imagine she does not want to lug around all kinds of stuff she gets from people (especially fragile stuff). Hmmmm.....maybe I can get a mail to address from Jaimie the wonder publicist. Thoughts?


evilsciencechick said...

why don't you bring it and let her decide how she wants it? you could offer to ship it to her directly, or to her publicist, if she fears (correctly) that you are an INSANE STALKER WOMAN!!!


Calicoknits said...

Steph doesn't strike me as someone who turns down cool gifties from fellow knitters. She'll probably grab it with both hands and giggle all the way home. Oh wait that's what i did.

turtlegirl76 said...

Yeah I'd bring it, and offer to ship it to her if she wished.

Carol said...

Well, did you take a bowl with you? I'm sure she would love one of those and the fact that your hubby makes them would thrill her!