Wednesday, February 13, 2008 Skein

Well Jane and I bought the same roving at Knitch recently. You can see hers on her blog (which looks ever so more even than mine!). I think she has decided to leave hers as single ply but I had just the opposite thought. I thought it would look great plied together! Well, that and I'm nowhere near actually being able to produce a balanced single so I gotta ply it to make it at least APPEAR balanced - from a distance.

This is Schoppel Wolle finger roving - 100% Merino - 50g in color "Earth"

Here it is on the bobbins:

Here it is plied on the bobbins:

And here's Skein:

This is my first "real" spinning (as in not just using practice stuff) and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out! I learned a lot. First of all, I had that "a-ha" moment on the second bobbin where I finally figured out that you pull BACKWARDS on the roving to draft it - not forwards. So I learned to let the roving slip a little when I feed it onto the bobbin and then draft back before allowing the twist in. After I learned that little trick my yarn was ending up MUCH smoother!

When I started plying I did start going in the wrong direction because I forgot! Luckily I caught it at the very beginning so I was able to fix it.

So.....questions for you spinning gurus out there:

1) Do you ever just tie the ends of the two bobbins so you just have one skein? I wouldn't do that if I was selling it but for me, it's just easier to have a knot rather than two skeins.

2) Are some bobbins just harder to work with than others? It seems like the bobbin that actually came with the wheel is a lot harder to treadle with than the other 3 I have. Weird.

3) Is there a "special way" to keep the ends from unraveling when you finish a bobbin?

4) Do you ply more tightly or more loosely than you work the singles?

OK - that's it!!! :)


Carol said...

Fabulous!!!! I sure wish I could help, but I'm learning through peeps like you ;-)

Jolynn said...

Wow! Your finished yarn looks fantastic.


Sara said...

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!!!

Hockey Mom said...

We'll get this all sorted out, k?

Jane said...

Looks great!

LittleWit said...

That looks quite lovely. Some day I need to spend some QT with my spindle. Probably after I knit up all these other deadlined projects.

Calicoknits said...

That looks great. I'm so proud. Got my bowl today. Happy VD to me!

T.J. Fitz... said...

Okay!! Your a pro... If my first spinning looked like that I would have been doing the happy dance!!! Even the cat wouldn't play with mine!!lol