Saturday, February 16, 2008

Let's see, where should I put the new yarn?

How about the basket by the couch?

Nope, that won't work.

How about the other basket by the couch?

Uh, nope. That one looks pretty full.

How about the OTHER basket by the couch?

Nope, ok obviously couch baskets are out.

Let's see what's in here in the living room. Hmmmmm.........

I'm going to check even though the top on it won't close.
Uh, nope. Don't think that is going to work.

Dining room table?

Nope. No room there.

How about the back of the couch?

Seems full already with Alpaca Surprise waiting to be tagged.

In front of the tv??

Can't do that. There is already Alpaca there from my dad's alpacas.

AND the Alpaca roving.

What's on the couch?

Looks like that is just for current or about to be WIPs.
My desk???

Well that is where the handspun skeins are residing right now so that I can look at them and pet them and draw courage.

Let's go upstairs.

This basket is full. Keep goin'.

I wonder what is in here?

Hmmmm....that stuff is acrylic. I don't want my new yummy yarn touching acrylic.

How about in the plastic bins.

Nope, no room at the inn.

Let's see what's going on in the weight room.

Hmmmm......looks like this is more alpaca roving storage.
What's in the basket we are using for dirty clothes?

Let's see...................

What?!?! Dirty clothes!!!!! OK - I see how we can fix this situation............

There! Much better.

Does anyone else ever have this conversation with themselves and find this completely and totally ridiculous??????? I mean seriously, do I need a separate insurance policy or something?


Just me said...

I have not actually found myself in this position yet, but I have to admit I was very amused! And a little fearful my house is already overrun by junk - the last thing I need to do is add on stuff. Although - yarn is not junk. so maybe what I should do is get rid of all the junk that's here (and really it's a LOT of JUNK.) and replace it with yarn. Hmmmm.... (of course, getting rid of the junk is the problem, because sorting it out and getting out the few things that are not junk is what's kept me from getting rid of most of it already. I'm a packrat.)

Gudrun Johnston said...

OMG it's breeding!....remember Gremlins?...don't get it wet!

Sara said...

Know what you mean!!! Let's not discuss the four totes in the closet that are full of yarn...and the couple in the living room...

Hmmm...I think we both need an extra insurance policy!!!

Calicoknits said...

Is there a 12 step program for yarn-holics?

theyarnwhisperer said...

I am right there with ya, babe. Ya know, some people get addicted to crack, some to heroin, some to alcohol, and then there are those of us who get addicted to yarn. The thing is, at least we can make nice things for ourselves and other people from our addiction. There's go to be some good karma in that somewhere.

Jolynn said...

Like I always tell my boyfriend... There are much worse things to be addicted to, right??


Carol said...

Of course I've had this conversation, is there something wrong with that?

Phyl said...

You've made me feel SO much better about my lack of stashing self control. Yarn is so soothing to have around. It's amazing, though, how it seems to multiply. At least it doesn't eat.

Hockey Mom said...

Heh! Thanks for the laugh and the feeling that I'm not the ONLY one!

Toni said...

At least YOUR stash can be out in the open, more or less. Mine has to be sequestered and not mentioned, or my boys scold me for getting more yarn! So I've gotten really sneaky... which is not a bad thing for a mom with two boys!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

It's like Candy at a candy store. I loved looking at all that pretty yarn. I don't think a woman (ok, person) could ever have too much of it.

Great site you have! I'll be back to visit more.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Diane said...

Hahaha. Although I'd like to kid myself into thinking I'm pretty well organized with my yarn I have to admit that I've been there done that. I finally had to admit I had a problem when I was looking at bedroom sets with an eye to "how many storage containers of yarn can I fit under this".

I just bought 4 skeins of the same brand of yarn. Different colors but same yarn.

LittleWit said...

Sadly the biggest conundrum facing me is which room in the new house to devote to all things crafty... :) Hopefully I won't fill up all the nooks in the house too quickly!