Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekends are Great!

Weekends sure beat the work week! Mr. Man and I had SO much fun yesterday! First off, we slept in - a rare occurance for us. Then (being the president of my neighborhood civic club) a group of us had a neighborhood walkthrough with Burrell Ellis (our county commissioner) that went very well! He was very nice and very much listened to our concerns.

Then, off to Virginia Highlands since it was such a BEAUTIFUL day! We walked around, went to Knitch and then went to the Dark Horse for a couple of beers and lunch. Of course, none of the knitting gals were there yesterday since it was Saturday. I just can't ever seem to get my timing right!! I bought a t-shirt at Knitch but nothing else - though I did do alot of "petting"!! I found some especially yummy bamboo yarn that I may have to go back for! Also saw some delicious merino roving........... :) I need to practice more spinning!!

Then home for a short rest to read more embarrasing stories. Then we went out to the local coffee shop (Mighty Joe Espresso) to listen to music (which never showed up). But we had fun anyway because we love Eva, the owner, who also happens to be a knitter! She hosts a weekly "sit and knit" on Tuesday mornings which I can never seem to go to because of that darn "work" thing.

After that, we headed to Shorty's (the local pizza place) which we had not been to before. We knew the band that was playing last night (Vortex Park) so we wanted to see them. Plus, we have been wanting to go to Shorty's because I found out that my brother's best friend growing up (who went everywhere and did everything with us when I was a kid) owned it and I hadn't seen him in YEARS. He recognized me right away, amazingly enough, and I had a good time catching up with him and introducing him to Mr. Man. Here we are..........

I had my knitting with me all day so at Dark Horse and Shorty's I worked on my new socks (for ME believe it or not) with yummy, yummy shibui yarn. I got a good bit done on them.

The band was great. We listened to the band and watched the gosh darn football game. I was really pulling for Jacksonville, but alas, New England pulled out yet ANOTHER win!

We finally got home after midnight, went to bed, couldn't sleep, got up and watched BAD tv until about 5, went to bed, finally got some sleep and didn't get out of bed until 10:30!!!

Then, got up to read more of people's funniest/most embarrasing moments. I have had a BUNCH of submissions and we are having such a great time sifting through all of them. We are going to have so much trouble deciding! I was thinking of posting them on the website (without names of course) and letting people vote on them. What do you all think?????????

Don't forget to enter and/or post the link!!!


theyarnwhisperer said...

You do know that I am Jose, si? And ms. calicoknits is Ramone. We even have an anesthesiologist who is Paco.

Carol said...

Now that sounds like a fun weekend! It's so nice to run into a friendly long ago person in life! I'm up for voting if that's the way you'll go with it!

theyarnwhisperer said...

What are you going to use the bamboo yarn for? I've fondled it myself, but am not quite sure what I would want to do with it.