Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something Positive

I know I promised a post about the contest, I will get to that later. This is important stuff though. I don't know about most of you but I get pretty sick of listening to the news and hearing about all the terrible things that are going wrong in the world. I get sick of listening to how terrible people are, how we are destroying the earth, how we are running out of water and just the general grips that plague our world.

Mr. Man and I (as many of you know) have this wonderful friendship and connection. We have been looking for ways to BUILD on that both spiritually and relationship wise. It seems that the majority of stuff out there for married couples is about how to not get divorced, or how to save a failing marriage, or how to live with your spouse even though you don't like them! There just does not seem to be that much out there for those of us that have a wonderful marriage and friendship and are looking to make it even deeper and stronger.

We finally ran across THIS site. This site offers really good articles that help you stay in the moment of your life, learn about you and work with each other to have the best relationship you can possibly have. So check out this site, subscribe to it if you like it and enjoy the positive messages and personal and relationship growth potentials that it offers.

Mr. Man and I began corresponding a bit with the couple who runs the site. As I was reading through the Change Your Tree site I was reminded of THIS post that I had published WAY back when I started this blog. I thought it was pretty insightful and true so I sent it on to Change Your Tree. Well, apparently they liked it also because they published it on the website today HERE!

So, if you like the site, please subscribe and pass it on to anyone who you think might be interested. Enjoy reading at least one positive message today!!!

A big THANK YOU to Kevin of Change Your Tree for reading and sharing my writing.

Contest later today - I promise!!

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