Friday, January 18, 2008

Paw Prints

Knit and Purr is running a contest on her blog. You have to send in pictures of pet paws to be entered. So, here are my enteries.......

This is "lounging paw" owned by the infamous Slim-who-is-no-longer-slim (probably because he indulges in too much lounging). This is my entry for laziest paw.

And here he is doing some serious lounging attached to his paw (yeah, I had to poke him after about 2 hours to make sure he was still alive).

Here is "peanut paw" owned by little Leo (often referred to as peanut).

Here is Leo lounging with his bunny toy. Man, our pets have it rough, don't they??

Here is "concrete paw" also owned by Leo. It just so happened that there was some wet cement in our neighborhood today so we walked Leo by it and stuck his foot in it! It didn't come out great but here it is anyway. This is my entry for most original paw.

Here is "ouchy paw" owned by Ponce. It isn't really his paw that is ouchy, it's his shoulder, but he is holding the paw up so it makes for a good ouchy paw picture. This is my entry for saddest paw.

Here is the rest of poor Mr. Ponce who is on strict activity restriction (which he is totally loving) until he stops limping.

", howz about some red eye reduction next time so I don't look like a devil dog."

OK - point taken.


Sara said...

They are all too cute...I know how pets have it soooo bad!!! Mine rules the roost... :)

Hockey Mom said...

Beautiful babies! I gotta get my pics of my dogs paws tomorrow.