Monday, November 19, 2007

They're GONE!!

Here is the post I have been trying to get up for a few days..........

YAY!!! Another 3 years before I don't have to go through THAT BS again with the whole Joint Comission crap. I'm glad to have that done. Hopefully I won't still be working there on the next go around. All things considered, I got off pretty easily. They only visited one of my centers and luckily I think that visit was the best out of any other place they went, mainly because it is Primary Care so it is easier than most hospital stuff and also because we are awesome! We did well. For all you nurses out there, we received 6 RFIs and 8 supplementals. For an organization of our size (which is HUGE) that was really good. We have never had more than 3 in past surveys but the standards have really gotten tighter over the past few years. So, ok, done!

Our house looks like it could possibly be condemned at this particular moment. What started off as a conversation like "I think we should move the desk you are using now and bring in the new one" has ended up with us moving everything in our house around and us living in squalor for the past couple of days. Everything from both of our desks is piled up on the couch right now - makes things really easy to find.

Anyone remember THIS??

THAT was a desk we bought at a yard sale some months ago. We picked it up for $25 and decided we could strip it and oil it. Well, here it is finished!!!

Big difference huh? I would have more pictures for you but I SWEAR this blog has been really ticking me off for the past couple of days. Everytime I sit down to write something there is some kind of problem. So, that's all the pics you get for today. The pictures are blurry because I still can't find the good camera. It's lost in this house mess somehow.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!! Tomorrow we are headed out to the farm. I need to find my good camera before we go!

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