Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Yarn Harlot Strikes Atlanta

WOW - we had SUCH a good time last night! A group of us met at Dark Horse Tavern before the show and we just sat around for hours chatting and knitting and having a great time. I must tell you that when Wayne and I walked out onto the patio everyone that was already sitting there, looked up at us as we approached the table and simultaneously most of them said "WAYNE!". He turned BRIGHT red since he realized immediatley that the reason he was so famous simply because he had so graciously modeled the weenie warmer on the website! Those girls were having a blast passing around the picture that is on the website so that many people in the audience were able to take a gander and the scantilly clad Knit Witch model. Oh yeah, you could tell that Wayne was just hating all of that attention....poor thing.......right.....he loved it.

Here's some of the bar crowd.................This includes Jen, Regan, Melissa (not there yet), Jane, Claudia, Janice, Sandy and some other folks whose names escape me unfortunately so you folks need to EMAIL ME so I can get your names and blogs on here!

Here's my infamous husband and some other folks that joined our party later.

Here's Jen's beautiful seaming job!

Here's us acting up on the balcony. We were going to all flash Wayne for the picture but he came back inside too soon!

I took it upon myself to steal Stephanie's traveling sock picture idea. Here's my sock in line waiting for the Yarn Harlot.

Here's me and famous Wayne.

Here's the line of knitters out the building and down the street! That's Jen of "JenLa" posing for the picture!

Here's some chicks with sticks.

We had such a great time and everyone was so gracious with their talents. Someone who lives just down the street from us has offered to teach Wayne to spin!! We loved meeting everyone.


theyarnwhisperer said...

somebody's going to teach wayne to spin? I want to go too!!!!! I've got a spindle and some roving!

Hockey Mom said...

It was an awesome time! Can't wait to see you guys again.

katey said...

That's me and at the end of the table at the Dark Horse (in the green shirt)