Friday, September 14, 2007

Rainy Friday in the ATL

I found this today on Jen's blog. You must join me in loving it! It's so cute and retro looking and it has a great stitch!! I know she's bitching about this, that and the other on her blog but the headband is great! I know, I have been doing a bunch of complaining about lame folks myself on the 'ol blog so I guess I can't throw any stones. HERE is her post for the day. I think I might need to try the blueberry poundcake too!! I make poundcake for the nurses that I am responsible for at work - they LOVE it!!!

I have nothing new and exciting to report. I haven't even been out driving on the roads today so I can't even complain about Atlanta drivers!! It's rainy here today so it's a perfect day to just stay home and veg. I cleaned up the house a bit this morning so I'm feeling happy - I LOVE being able to have the time to clean my house. You know, take everything off the counters, scrub them down, clean all the floors (well not ALL but MOST), do laundry, etc. I know, I'm weird but I LOVE it!

As I'm cleaning I just keep thinking about how very thankful I am to have this wonderful home that I share with my wonderful husband and my (usually) wonderful pets. It makes cleaning so much better. Spending time every day being thankful for what I have has just become a part of my life. My husband is feeling a little "under the weather" today and I hope I made him feel a little better by just telling him how VERY much I appreciate him being in my life. He truly is my angel. I know he will read this later so - I love you Wayne!!!

I have no new pictures so I'll leave you with just a couple of fun ones.

Hey!! Nice cock!!

Barbie and Hot Dog - when they were MUCH smaller.

Underwater fish pic we took in the bahamas.

Me and my sweetie!! This pic seems like it was FOREVER ago................

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theyarnwhisperer said...

I went in to work on the schedule yesterday (I'm the lovely idiot who does the schedule AND the statistics for our department) and with the rain and tornado warnings and what not it took me two hours to get home from Rockdale yesterday. It took Steven 2 hours and 15 minutes to get home from North Druid Hills.
But we finally got home and had a date night last night. We went to see Stardust. Its a wonderful movie and the guy who plays Tristan is a major hottie!!!!
Then we went to Longhorn (my fave place for some red meat. Gotta love the prarie dust!) and finished off with a chocolate stampede. Yum.