Monday, September 24, 2007

Christmas Ideas.........

Oh, I'm totally buying THIS for my husband for Christmas!!! I found this on the Yarn Harlot blog today. The only problem is that he reads my blog so as soon as I post this he will be wise to my efforts to turn him into a knitter - hahaha!! No, actually that would be BAD. I think that would mean doubling your stash if you have two knitters in the same house, right?? We simply can't afford that. No, I think he needs to keep with his idea to learn spinning from Hockey Mom. Then he can supply my habit. Yarn is kinda like crack right?????

On another note, anyone who has an "open minded" husband/boyfriend/buddy/gay male friend in Atlanta that would not mind being photographed nearly nude for charity puposes needs to contact me. I'm not putting all the tantilizing details on here so if you want to know more then EMAIL ME.

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Carolyn said...

I know a married couple who both knit and they do fight over yarn sometimes. On the other hand, they are both always up for a trip to a yarn store!