Sunday, February 4, 2007

First Sock!!

OK, here it is. The first sock ever! Well, not THE first sock ever but MY first sock ever. I really wanted to learn to do socks so I sat down with some worsted weight wool and some DPNs to try and get the hang of it. This was the first time I had tried to make a sock or really used DPNs so it was a challenging project! The Yarn Harlot has a great guide in her book "Knitting Rules" that I used as my guide to making the sock. I didn't really have a pattern so I was just winging it.

After about 3 days of working with the DPNs I decided there MUST be a better way. Those things suck! So, I decided to try making them with magic loop knitting instead. The results were MUCH better for me. The transitions came out much smoother and my joins were tighter. I haven't seen any sock patterns written for use with magic loop knitting but I gotta tell ya, it worked well for me. I made the sock with worsted weight wool (even though I know that isn't really "sock yarn") but I just wanted to practice how to do it and go through all the moves. I don't know about most folks, but I was very glad I didn't have a "perfect sock" in mind when I set out on this project. I just wanted to make something that sorta resembled a sock.

I learned A LOT doing this project. The sock is too big, it isn't stretchy enough, I totally bunked up the bind-off, I almost cried at least twice, but all in all it turned out pretty good for a first attempt. When attempting your first knitted sock - be sure you have a supply of wine on hand - it helps. Amazingly enough, it does actually look like a sock! My husband spent the rest of the night wearing just one sock. Amazing what love will make you do, huh? I have a picture below as well as in my Finished Projects photo file with my husband modeling his new solo friend. I guess I better get to work on the second one!


Margo in Decatur said...

I definitly think it looks like a sock and really completes the weanie warmer outfit. Kind of brings it all together. Get us up to date on how the sock mate goes.

Anonymous said...

I think that looks pretty good for a first sock! Good job!

Jen said...

Fantastic job!! I found your site through You Tube and I think your videos are fantastic. I'm hoping to join the ranks of knitters. :) (I'm an advanced beginner crocheter)