Thursday, June 23, 2011

Remember me?

Wow! It's been a while, eh? It just seems like life has been moving at lightning speed lately! We have been spending a lot of time in Atlanta over the summer while I work clinical hours at the free clinic in downtown (always interesting!) and teach a community clinical class for Emory. I LOVE the community clinical! It has been really nice to actually have time to talk to the students and work with them instead of running around crazy all day in the hospital! I haven't been dying ANY yarn so I really need to get on the ball with that. And, some of you may have noticed that we are completely sold out of yarn bowls. We need to get on that as well but we have a broken kiln that Wayne needs to fix. We just need to be home long enough for him to fix it in addition to the other usual house duties to keep up with around there.

We do have some new and exciting news. Quite unexpectedly, we bought an RV!!! Our neighbor across the street from us in Tucker sent us an email letting us know they were selling their RV and wanted to know if we are interested. We have been talking about this possibility for several years so we decided to just go for it because they gave us a great price and we know it has been amazingly well taken care of. Did you hear that SAFF - we have an RV!!! Party at our place in October! :)

It's not a huge one by any means. It is actually perfect for us. Easy to drive, not ginourmous but big enough to be comfortable for us and Petey and (of course) Nessie to travel around in. We figure it would pay for itself in about 3 vacations if you figure up airfare/gas/hotel/meals/rental car/etc. You can see some pictures at the link below. I tried to upload them for you here but my computer is not cooperating.!cpZZ1QQtppZZ12

Woo hoo! Vacation time -- here we come!!

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Turtle said...

Was wondering how you guys had been! So... you've moved into the world of Glampor-ness! Enjoy pimping it out!